About Our Company

Dreams Services is a big dream, that came to reality, thanks to God, hard work, dedication, opportunities, trust, and our customers. Every day, we serve with the best from us and we live the dream, proudly and pleased.

Our Story



Jesus Del Carpio (owner) was a young, hardworking man, with big dreams, that after coming to Rochester, NY from the Dominican Republic, was struggling with the economic situation that he was facing at that moment. At that time, living with his father and sister, in the town of Irondequoit, NY, with no job, and without any kind of help from anybody. After up to eight months sending job applications to almost all of the stores and businesses around the area, he started working at Macy's in Irondequoit, anxious to make some income so he can help his father with rent and sister and mom with anything they may need. Unfortunately, the job at Macy's was a part time, with only three hours a day, three days a week, from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. Making a weekly income of less than $100. After a few month's working at Macy's as a store associate, he started working at Walmart in Rochester, NY as a maintenance associate, where he was working on almost any shift's, days, night's and overnight, making an hourly rate of $7.25. 

After some month's working there, he was asked by a manager to paint several areas inside the store, big areas, offices, the entire back area of the store, break rooms, big hallways,... overnight, for the same hourly wage of $7.25. After almost 8 month's of being abuse, with no other choice, he resigned... 

With very little hope, he went back to the Dominican Republic with no intentions of coming back to Rochester, but after three month's, he came back with some new hope, and dreams... Dreams Services!

After he came back, he had something in mind, and it was Dreams Services (Dreams Painting)... With no car, tools, money or any help, other than the help from God and very limited help from his mom, he was able to get hired to paint the exterior of a house. 

Carrying a brush and a roller on a bag, a step ladder on his right hand, riding a bicycle for around five miles from his apartment to the job site in Irondequoit, NY, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm,  he was able to successfully paint the entire house, in five days. After that, he has never stop... he has been working with people all around the state, doing amazing work, from painting to flooring, giving other great people the opportunity to learn new trades, to make a decent profit and giving to it's customers just what they expect: Quality and love.